Wednesday, January 19, 2005

OSI approves Sun's CDDL, what does it mean??

Open source initiative (OSI), approved Sun Microsystems's CDDL, What does that mean in short?.

  • Open Solaris
  • Create a unhappiness in Linux community and other fellow open source people.
  • Open source Patent giveaway war; With CDDL, Sun gives away all of its patents to dev community as compared to 500 IBM patents, Now there starts one more round of tug-of-war between these 2 big players.
  • Open source Operating system group will be more happening, with 2 distinct groups (Solaris and Linux) forming to run against each other.

Torvalds says

"It will be hard for Sun to build a community like Linux. Looks like Sun is trying to play the same track as they did with Java, where they tried to control the whole evolving to maturing process of Java, So they loose real advantage of Open source"


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