Thursday, May 19, 2005

Open source started running deep in IBM

There is a phenomena like open source and there are giants like HP, SUN, BEA who are adopting open source in a different way, and there is IBM who is turning the wheels all around.

IBM's push for
  • Eclipse project ; the IDE /Application framework swept the developers off their feet.
  • In-House support for Firefox; pushing the firefox the across the enterprise, making usage of breakthrough browser more prevalent (I don't think they realy needed to do this, people are already jumping onto firefox for its beauty!)
  • Embracing GlueCode [1+]; With this IBM will back up Apache Geronimo project, which will make JBoss/Novell worry for sure upto certain extent, because of the possible projection of Geronimo in the J2EE application server market. infact experts predicting IBM's wepsphere would be less of threat to BEA Weblogic, than Geronimo going after JBoss.
  • Last but not least IBM's own open source arena

My list will keep growing, I'm sure IBM will keep pushing and supporting this revolution.