Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yoga; Open sourced...

Open source is proving to be phenomena , even attracting non-technological fronts like Yoga. Open Source Yoga Unity (OSYU) is a corporation to open source yoga in a right way, which will make people aware about benefits of more than 5000 year old spiritual practice and art of body work.
The fact is it is all gathering under the one umbrella of Open source. Because it sounds right and it was not be that way. Yoga was _NOT_ supposed to patented and copyrighted.. It has been given to students from Teachers for 1000's of years. Open source derives similar idea, with some change assuming it is treated right.

Friday, March 11, 2005

When 3 OS's meet in a imaginary world; iPod bridges the gap

This is really cool; iPod has done it again; IBM's attempt to use Linux on iPod for boot/recover/backup tasks. Think about this.

  • iPod is created by Apple; Home of Mac-OS
  • ipodlinux manage to get Linux on iPod and much more.
  • IBM uses iPod to boot Linux on PC.

Well there is the love-hate collaboration of 3 operating systems in a very imaginary world.

Like Google is a software development tool these days. iPod is becoming Google of hardware industry. Even though I do not own a iPod, it still intrigues me , this tiny masterpiece is taking the world by storm one inch by one inch.