Monday, January 17, 2005

On Demand-Real Time-Human interaction based Customer Service

Is this annoying or "Minority Report" age for customers ?.

Circuit City's new approach to Customer Service. This changes how customers interact with products in a real store. Circuit City's CIO Mike Jones, want to sell products, infer products and sales to customers. Reminds me of Minority report and presentation of the technology in that movie. Remember guy walking on the subway train station, Camera/Screen on the side of the platform identifies the person and gives the personal advertisements for that person. I knew this will be a future, but did not think it will be this fast.

Optimist will say ?

  • Revolutionary idea, no representative needed. It is On Demand World.

Pessimist will say?

  • Are you crazy!, it is annoying, I do not want headphone hanging on my head and screaming at my ear, picthing me about products wherever I focus my eye sight.

Well its a give and take world, Got to loose something to gain. Its a matter of preference.

Here are list of scenario summaries, which Circuit city wants to present to customer.

  • Personal Thank you from the CEO to the customer who makes big buck purchase.
  • Personal delivery of the product to customer's home, based on availability of product in customer's home address area.
  • MP3 Player preloaded with customer's favorite music
  • Promotions based on customer's interaction with the products and his intrest, RFID based smart cards.

How will competitors react to this infrastructure revolution. We will see it sooner than later.


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