Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Geronimo; Will he lead J2EE App server tribe?.

A true The Geronimo Effect will be felt soon. It makes me believe that it is highly possible, when Geronimo finally matures to the level of full blown J2EE deployment, probably it will be the first open source J2EE application server, which will be loved by the community. Apart from JBoss beating big player like IBM, Oracle and BEA in Enterprise market, which establishes the recognition and liking for strong open source reliable product. Reasons are numerous on why this happens, simplicity and $$ are key factors.
Geronimo has already started making waves back in late 2004 and already eating Web sphere/Weblogic's breakfast.

Why Geronimo ?

  • ASF 's (Apache Software Foundation) License is more lenient as compared LGPL (JBoss) or GPL.
  • Solid stack of previously popular enterprise products, e.g.Tomcat, the best Servlet container ever written. The tiniest few Kilobytes kernel, JBoss's service driven kernel architecture.
  • Full blown J2EE application server for enterprise wide service on open source platform.
  • Huge community supporting Apache software Foundation products.
  • Possible commercial support on service basis like JBoss.

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