Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Real FUD on Open source usage, Solution is out there. Do not be misguided by skepticism

I agree with general notion of the subject, Where Open Source software should not be treated as "pick up and go, later forget about it". There got to be real appreciation in terms of following any Licensing issue, Make sure the licensing terms and conditions and all Attributes are well understood and there is no violation. That is where companies like Apptility LLC (their .com and .net area) helps in, where they are opening up a world for Open Source Governance.
Here is one panicky article, basically says "Every software in the world is dangerous except Microsoft products". Probably only Didio will agree to it or may be few people more.
Solutions are out there, it is just a matter of adopting it intelligently, Bottom line you save hell lot of money with few right steps initially by embracing Open source platform.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug.
Appreciate it. We wil be rolling out some fancy app very soon.


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