Tuesday, December 07, 2004

HiveMind: Apache’s Service-Configuration Microkernel; Answer to JBoss ’s ?

Well its a chase, Slow but steadily Apache is catching up tp JBoss , on its architecture , and new kid is on the block now. Check Introduction to HiveMind
Very intresting concept, whole Service orchestration/Message Brokering capability can be extended via this framework.
Look at hivemind as replacement for service-message middleware, derive its components and service configuration aspect to create run time/dynamic service, which can integrate legacy-thru-today web service.
Going back to comparison; May it is too early. but

JBoss J2EE Engine + Hibernate = Apache Geronimo + HiveMind + Torque

I'm certainly excited to explore HiveMind and Gerinimo as it matures.

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