Tuesday, October 05, 2004

SOA; Open source Push

Indeed Simplicity is good to understand , whether it is in life or field where we work,
Basically the way I'm trying to take SOA as a example for Open source representation, and use Michael Curry's Blog as justification for my words.
SOA started with simplistic idea, as concept and stanard around XML based communication from different systems and went ten fold from basic Web service invocation framework (WSIF) to Web service Modeling Language/Web Service Management Layer, well it will go much further to moon..
Michael Curry's words about stanards like CORBA; why it didnt fly as much as SOA/Web Service, justifies Open source widespread and its fundamental adoption in the developer community for any technology/concept/standard faster than anything that happened decades ago.
As community grows, reach becomes easy, more power to open source.


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