Friday, October 15, 2004

SOA Meets Compliance: Shift from age old to COA

Its a old say , no matter how raw your data is, How you architect your solution, eventually you have to obey the rules of BIG. Saying that what I mean is till a little while ago, we were all putting our head on SOA, and its beautification, Now making SOA look good is not enough, MAKING SOA SECURE IS MORE IMPORTANT,
Are we following rules provided by Governance, to make SOA bullet-proof?
Good article about SOA Meeting Compliance Compliance and Integration - SOA Meets Compliance: Compliance Oriented Architectures - ebizQ
We have seen this shift for ages
Raw Text -> XML->Web Services->SOA-COA
Every organization, who implement SOA in their indiviual business units they can not leave their services loose, it needs to meet whole nine yards of compliance, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley),
Message to them is "do it slow but do it right",

More to come on this soon...stay tuned..


Rajesh Shetty said...

One more nice article on this topic, Well it is really moving the Loose SOA domain into more tight compliance oriented/Regulation Enable Architecture. Again, Do it slow, do it right..

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