Tuesday, July 27, 2004

OpenSource OverWhelming OverPowering : 3 O's: Free Software, Pay For Services.

  • Day by day open source is becoming overwhelming, why is that ??. 'cauz indeed it is.
    Everytime you have some need for small utility, which you are quite sure exists out there on the web, you "google" and land up in some open source repository. initially you were intended to spend 5 mins in grabbing your utility and get the hell out of there, but now by the time you are out of this website you must spend hours in it, reason, its too "Overwhelming", there is tons of information out there, too hard to resist.
  • Traditional product based companies in a pre-Open source era (early to mid 90's ) wrote the dazzling products and sold it for millions. Today you go and look for similar products you will find atleast 3-5 products on an average all for "FREE" (Sounds so good!!). So what is the conclusion.

"Did all those customers wasted millions of $$ ??", probably not for their time, but todays time, yes its what "Software" should be open source and free, and what customers should pay is for "Services". So Open source is "OverPowering" over traditional/commercial sofware products.

Its all about justification of Customer's "Artha" (Money in Sanskrit) and making them happy for what they pay.

more to come soon.. on this subject. its endless.!!

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