Monday, July 26, 2004

MySQL / Windows XP dilemma ; Check your version


Windows XP / MySQL 4.1 (beta release) / Connection problem via MySQL Connector/J
Error like : java.sql.SQLException: Server connection failure during transaction...Attempted reconnect 3 times...

My Blah! Blah!
I learned this hard way (real hard way!!) , I wish someone would have told me this, so much for not reading product documentation. I'm not even sure whether its documentated somewhere. Well "Googling" works all the times.  I'm doing something with Apache Torque and MySQL under struts/tomcat. recently moved to Windows XP from NT for some secret business reasons (;)) . So on NT my whole setup is works like charm, as soon as i started setting up everything on XP machine, I downloaded (unstable small little beast!!) and what i see the behavior which is very frustrating and painfull search for the problem, but no clue at all what could be the problem.
  •  Downloaded & Installed MySQL 4.1 (beta release) , running Torque with this version what i see is no error, all Torque says "Connection is null...." doesnt make sense when all the parameters are right
  • Went down to much lower level, wrote my jdbc calls, connection, statement whole nine yard, what i get is following java.sql.SQLException: Server connection failure during transaction...Attempted reconnect 3 times...  absolutely ridiculous, MySQL works fine with Control center, all permissions seems to be fine, With GRANTS/ACCESS on the user.

Guessed this could be nasty version issue, uninstalled MySQL 4.1  and installed MySQL 4.0. Daeeeeeemmmnnn! it worked like a charm again.


Roll back on Old version MySQL 4.0 still rocks. They Say  for new developement use MySQL 4.1 ; Think twice before wasting 4-5 days on this and later discovering that its a version issue.  MySQL 5.0 ; Hell No!! , Dont even go there yet!. till things stabalize.!!..




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