Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IBM's jump to supply Web 2.0 goodies

I was just wondering how come IBM did not start building tools around web 2.0 productivity yet. There you go, now they are. IBM providing tools for mashup building and collaboration. How should all these online Web 2.0 companies who do the same thing and their bread and butter is dependent on that.
It should be interesting to see how IBM's push for this piece works out. Only thing that is making me worry is that they are bringing Lotus name back in the limelight. I hated Lotus applications, including their email client, lamest email client I have ever seen including the user interface. Their Lotus domino server did not go anywhere. Not sure their intention of pushing Lotus name with Web2.0 wares they are coming up with.
One interesting thing that these big players will do is to bring enterprise applications together with slick Web 2.0 applications, which will drive towards Enterprise 2.0.


Ed said...

For what it is worth, there are 80,000 Domino web servers on the public internet, plus many many more on corporate intranet deployments. Tens of thousands of companies use Notes today, and are awaiting the new Notes 8 release next quarter. Don't write their obituary anytime soon.

Rajesh Shetty said...


I know the existence of domino/lotus applications in the enterprise world. I expressed my honest opinion, saying I never liked Lotus Domino server and Lotus mail client. I have a consultant sitting next to me using Lotus mail client, that does not make me its fan. It still the lame UI (Strong statement I know!).
Going back to Web 2.0, They better build tools to match reputation of this pink font and size 50 Web 2.0 world.