Friday, June 09, 2006

Apache would not start if Skype is running

I wasted 30 mins figuring this out without knowing what could be the real reason. If you are trying to start your apache (with or without mod_ssl/:443 port enabled) and if you have Skype already running on your machine, Apache won't start, it will not create any error log, so you go look at your event viewer you will see something like

  • System Log: "The Apache2 service terminated with service-specific error 1." ; Arghh!! so helpful ;)
  • Application Log: "The Apache service named reported the following error:
    >>> Unable to open logs" , "The Apache service named reported the following error:
    >>> no listening sockets available, shutting down . "

Now the last message is little useful and it says that there is something already listening/running on port 80/443 , But hunting down was tough!. Because I don't have any other web server running. Root cause is "Skype"

Go to Skype->Tools->Options->Connection-> Uncheck "use 80 and 443 for incoming connection"

Who would ever thing my IM will waste my time, where as IM's are supposed to be productivity improvement tools :) , Anyways a good find and I hope it will be useful for others too. BTW No complains for skype, its a great tool.

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Matthew said...

Thank you for the help!