Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Welcome to longtime; Social movement of this era

Welcome to LinkedIn
Amazingly simple and easy to see how people can be linked to you thru your profile.
You can say what our ancestors (fathers, grand parents, way before that...) used to spend years in finding a contact linking with their friends and missing family, Linked In will do it in seconds. Its amazing to see what this age of intelligence can do and cut years of hard work into ease.
Whole social movement is driving into mass meeting time, where millions of people meet on the X * Y resolution computer screen and greet each other. Its truly a "Meet and Greet" board for people.
Are you linked in??!! , I'm.....Keep watching for new social movements like Blogging and Wiki phenomena. First Glance its "Write and Publish" but in depth its humangous in potential, to revolutionize today's social context. Stay in tune.. For more!!..

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